RaceKing Car Trailers lower to the ground for safe loading without ramps

Locally designed by an industry leading engineer, RaceKing Car Trailers are manufactured in Australia using only quality Australian made steel, providing a safe and innovative vehicle loading solution for all cars. Never before has there been a lightweight car trailer design with so many practical features. Weighing in at just 350kg, our trailer is less than half the weight of regular car trailers. The days of struggling to manoeuver those big old heavy trailers are over!

With a RaceKing Car Trailer, you’re now able to quickly and safely load and unload low clearance vehicles such as race cars, exotic sports cars, vintage, classics, show cars and more. Motorhome owners also love the lightweight design and features.

Finally a safe solution without dangerous ramps or tilting”

RaceKing Car Trailers lower to the ground for safe loading without tilting or ramps.

This innovative and unique modern trailer design provides less than 4 degrees of approach angle in the lowered position. Operation of a RaceKing Car Trailer is quick and effortless using a simple hydraulic cylinder.

The hydraulic cylinder offers another exclusive feature not seen before on other car trailers. The ability to raise the car trailer deck to a level height of 800mm. Once the safety link is locked in position, you can easily perform maintenance and repairs under your vehicle. Another industry first, our exclusive Elevated Maintenance Position allows track side running repairs or vehicle maintenance work in the privacy of your own garage. Just a few of the many uses of this amazing and unique car trailer feature.

Made in Australia, using only the highest quality Australian steel, our proud and valued customers appreciate RaceKing Car Trailer’s commitment to Australian manufacturing and jobs. We laser cut, fabricate and galvanize our car trailers right here in Australia. The entire car trailer frame is fully hot dip galvanized. It won’t simply rust away after a few short years like most car trailers. Engineer designed for long life without corrosion and fatigue cracking, all structural joints are bolted using high strength graded zinc plated fasteners of the highest quality.

Compare these features standard on all RaceKing Car Trailers

  • Made in Australia with Australian Steel
  • You’re buying direct from us, the Australian manufacturer
  • Designed by industry leading Engineer
  • Fully hot-dip galvanized frame for ultra long life
  • Precision fabricated from laser cut steel
  • Lowers to less than 4 degrees of loading angle without ramps or tilting
  • Removable draw bar for minimum trailer storage space
  • Raises to elevated vehicle maintenance position with safety link
  • Structural joints are bolted for long life
  • High strength industrial grade fasteners
  • Non-welded bolt-in stub axles
  • 250mm electric brakes
  • Simple double pump hydraulic cylinder
  • High visibility LED lighting & Deutsch wiring connectors
  • Removable swiveling winch post
  • Trailer tare weight is only 350kg – less than half that of generic car trailers
  • Light weight design saves $$$ in reduced fuel consumption
  • Rated 1900kg ATM – Carry up to 1550kg

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